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Drop Off Meal Services

Take Home Dinners: This service is an extension of my experience cooking for children. Spending years as a chef at one of Philadelphia's premiere early childhood development centers, it became apparent how busy so many families are. After dropping off their child(ren), working for 10 hours, and then picking up their child(ren) again, parents don't have the time or the energy to make healthy, hearty meals. This service caters to people who would like the convenience of a well-balanced meal without the effort of going to the grocery store, cooking, and cleaning pots and pans. With my experience cooking for children with different food allergies and preferences, we'll have no problem creating meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Body Management Meals: Also, I have a background in bodybuilding that makes me well-versed in dieting needs and requirements. For those looking to lose weight and get in shape or those who are looking to build body mass, we start with BMR (basal metabolic rate) calculations to help estimate a healthy daily caloric intake. We then break down that caloric intake into protein to carbohydrate and fat intake ratios, which are crucial in order to achieve healthy dieting and fitness goals.

With both of these services, after our initial consultation where I hone in on you and your families tastes and preferences, I create menus that allow you to choose your meals for the upcoming week. The Drop Off Meal Service starts at a minimum of 3 meals and is highly customizable.