Chef David Murph

As a Philadelphia native, I got my start in Culinary Arts twenty three years ago learning from a great Master Chef. Although Carlo didn't speak much English, his body language taught me more than I think he'd realized. He was passionate about food, and showed a great deal of detail in every aspect of his business. Thinking back he was my Gordon Ramsey. Though I was only a prep cook at the time, I got a grasp of what it would take to be a successful chef.

Over the course of my career I have worked for a handful of skilled Chefs all over the Philadelphia area, getting the opportunity to view the arts from varying takes of excellence and five star services. As I developed as a chef, I saw starting my own catering business as an opportunity to make a name for myself on a personal level, implementing the tools I have acquired throughout my cooking career.

After many years of working in a variety of culinary settings and serving parties of all sizes, nothing has been more fulfilling than being up close and personal with my clients. As a private chef, I can assure that my clients receive the highest level of personal service and indulgence.

As a private chef, I get a great deal of satisfaction from creating a memorable experience, from designing personalized menus as keepsakes of the evening or event, to the conversations we share about tastes and flavors that allow me to craft a personally-catered, five star experience. I have learned that going above and beyond the simple call of hospitality yields benefits that keep paying time and again. Read more about choosing the experience that will work best for you.