Grilled Salmon with Blanched Asparagus

Private Chef Accommodations

Private Chef Accommodations is the title I put on its many applications. How about using this service to make an impression on potential business associates, or to further grow present professional relationships? Another alternative way to use this service is for small dinner parties for friends and visiting family, as a way to relax and enjoy your visitors.

I've worked with clients on general food preparations. So, I thought it would be fitting to offer some instruction for the novice cook; or couples that would like to expand on the private chef experience. I bring the ingredients and you learn to cook your favorite dishes. I'm there to simplify the experience and aid you in the process. The memory itself proves to be priceless.

There is also Party in a Box. In this part of the experience, I prep the meal, and label each component with precise instruction. At your request, I provide fine dining wares, (silver, china, table setting, flowers, music playlists, personalized menus, etc.) and the rest is up to you.